Your Bathroom Floor and the Right Tile Installation

Outfitting your bathroom is more than just focusing on your choice of wall tiles but also the right combination of colors to complement those walls with floor tiles. Bathroom remodeling contractors in Long Grove know that you can change the character of your bathroom space with contrasting colors for your wall and floor tiles.

Going with a bright floor tile installation in Long Grove puts an airy and clean feeling into the space. It can also be a good combination with lighter wall tiles, especially in a confined bathroom space. However, you may need to avoid the sterility that a completely white bathroom can have by adding wooden features. Put some wooden furniture and accessories into your bathroom remodeling in Long Grove, and any space can do with some plants or natural materials to make it cozier.

What about dark flooring for the bathroom? It will definitely offer a modern flair to your bathroom remodel. When planned out correctly, dark flooring can work well in any space regardless of size. Dark floors present a nice canvas to bring out some unique features you would like to highlight like an interesting bathtub or shower stall. You can also create a glamourous atmosphere by including gold or silver elements on top of your dark floors and walls to enhance your bathroom into more of a spa. There is a drawback to a dark tile installation, as it does require more frequent cleaning than white tiles since every spec will show.

Getting the Most Style from your Bathroom Tiles
When dealing with a minimalist or monochromatic environment, you can pick the features you want to have pop with bold color choices. Go with contrasting colors, interesting textures, LED lighting, and grand accessories for your bathroom remodeling in Long Grove. Think about keeping the original tile on one wall or an area of the floor as part of a decorative announcement that enhances the proportions of the space. Bathroom remodeling contractors in Long Grove enjoy working with mosaic, tiles that bring in Asian or Moroccan accents to a neutral background. But use them in moderation, as these intense designs can be overwhelming when there is too much.

Deciding on how to complete the decorative finish of your walls and floors during a bathroom remodeling in Long Grove, try not to go over the top and stay consistent with your choice of features and accessories. You can achieve more against a background of decorative tiles with the simplicity of a white washbasin that features classic shapes rather than a colorful modern design. You will find that the minimalism it introduces does not vie for the attention that a bold wall pattern demands. Contact our bathroom remodeling contractors in Long Grove for help in choosing the perfect tiles that will complete your bathroom renovation in the right style. Contact us at:

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