The Hottest Types Of Tiles - AF Quality Builders Tile Installation & Tile Experts

Ceramic Tile
One of the most common types of tile is ceramic because it's suitable for any applications. Ceramic tiles increase durability, which is perfect for any bathroom renovations, backsplash installation, or even entryways. It can fit any design that you may have in your home, and it's easy to clean as well as install.

Porcelain Tile
Another common type of tile is porcelain, which is different from ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is an all-purpose tile, and it comes in a variety of designs, colors, as well as styles that allow for versatility when designing a space. It can even be used outdoors, as it will not freeze, fade, or crack. You can also use this type of tile on your bathroom tile installation, backsplash installation, and other high-traffic areas in your home.

Glass Tile
The glass tile offers a clean and minimalistic aesthetic to your home. The number one drawback of this tile is; obviously, it can chip easily along the edges. Having said this, our tile installers do not recommend using glass tile in high-traffic areas like kitchen or bathroom tile installation. It is best in using them in smaller applications with less traction, such as gently used table tops or desks, around the fireplace, or as a backsplash installation.

Marble Tile
Marble tile may be costly, but it adds an instant touch of elegance and refinement to any room. When you're looking to add beauty to any kitchen or bath, laying down, marble tiles immediately upgrades the space. It provides texture and depth, as it's either patterned or veined. Some owners avoid using marble in countertops and instead add marble decorative features, such as shower floors, columns, and backsplash installations. With smaller applications line accent tile, our tile contractors will give your budget a breather.

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