Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Installation & Bathroom Remodeling - AF Quality Builders Answer

Where do I begin?
Tile installation can be very stressful and overwhelming, especially when we have a wide range of options for you to choose from. With our staff of design consultants, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality of work because we have a passion for providing our customers' best services. Our bathroom tile contractors will make the process smooth, more comfortable, and less stressful for our customers. Whether you have a color in mind, what area you're tiling, choosing natural stone or porcelain, our tile contractors will be with every step of the way. Trust our company around Long Grove, Glenview, Libertyville, Lincolnshire and Wauconda to help you choose the perfect tile that reflects your personality and style.

How do I know if a tile is a floor or wall tile?
The main difference between ceramic and porcelain tile is the composition and durability. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are made from clay and other minerals, but the clay is used to make porcelain tile more refined and fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic tile. With this said, porcelain tile is extremely dense and less porous because it's more resistant to moisture, stains, and water absorption. Ceramic tiles may be less expensive and highly recommended for interior floors and walls. In contrast, porcelain tiles are more desirable due to its durability and resistance to chipping as well as scratching. Our tile installation company is here to help choose what is best for your bathroom renovations.

How do I know if a tile is a floor or wall tile?
For you to know where you can have tile installation done, each tie is assigned a wear rating. When a tile has a '1' wear rating, it can be used on walls only. A '2' rating is for walls or light residential installations, like a powder room. Ratings '3' to '5' are floor tiles that can also be installed on walls. Our tile contractors are knowledgeable and skilled in providing the best tile for your bathroom tile installation or backsplash installation.